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Sled V2

The latest sled is perfect for bikes with a center or main stand (touring bikes) perfect for BMW GS or KTM.  You place the sled under the bike’s main stand, put the main stand down, and you are then able to push/slide your bike up against walls or into tight corners within a small space.  The core purpose of the sled is creating space.


Wheel Chock

The Wheel Chock is designed for bikes with a side stand. The bike is parked in the wheel chock, which keeps it in an upright and stable (not leaning) position. This saves space in your garage. The unit can also be used on a flat bed trailer to transport bike if you do not have a dedicated bike trailer. Note: The bike must be tied down once loaded on the trailer.
The Wheel Chock is suitable for bikes with a 17 or 18-inch wheel. The unit has a two part jaw that makes loading and unloading very easy.


Sled V1

Spin it, store it, or ride it! The Sled V1 is strong, portable and simple to use. The Sled V1 only requires one man operation, it leaves a small floor ‘footprint’ and it suits most bike lengths. The Sled V1 is designed for bikes with side stand.


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